Easy Trivia Questions: Sons Of Anarchy Season One

How much do you know about the Sons? Take this easy quiz and find out!

During the opening credits, a catchy song with a blues/rock sound is played. What is the title of that song?

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"This Life" received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music in 2009, but lost out to the theme for the BS television series Great Performances. Commenting on the nomination, Kushner stated that he was "honored to be recognized by and to receive this nomination from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences." The following year, they received an ASCAP Award for the theme.

The Sons of Anarchy Club members ride one kind of bike. what is the make of that motorcycle?

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William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson released their first production motorcycle in 1903. Most outlaw motorcycle clubs in the United States of America ride Harley Davidson motorcycles.

In the first season, Sons of Anarchy Vice President Jackson 'Jax' Teller has a son. What is his son's name?

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Abel was born prematurely to Jax's wife Wendy Case. Abel is also one of the reasons that Jax wants to change the direction of the club. Jax later divorced Wendy.

What is the name of the Sons of Anarchy's rival motorcycle club?

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None of the motorcycle clubs in the "Sons of Anarchy" are real.

This might be an easier one. What is the name of the town in which the Redwood Chapter of the Sons of Anarchy are located?

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The fictional town of Charming is located somewhere in the vicinity of the city of Lodi, California.

In the episode "Patch Over", The Sons of Anarchy order a smaller brother club, in Nevada, to become a Sons of Anarchy Chapter. The name of the smaller club is what?

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The President of The Devil's Tribe was Jax's father's best friend, "Jury".

Jax's high school sweetheart, Tara Knowles, returns to town from Chicago. Jax and his mother, Gemma, run into her at her place of work. What is Tara's occupation?

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Tara completed her internship in Chicago prior to returning to town.

Throughout the first season we see the Sons of Anarchy commit larcenies, assaults, briberies, murders and more. Where does the club's major source of illegal cash flow comes from?

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Even though the Sons of Anarchy are violent criminals, they refuse to deal drugs.

Sons of Anarchy club member, Harry "Opie" Winston, was recently released from prison. The sentence that he served was for which crime?

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Opie and his wife, Donna, were conflicted about his return to the club.

During the first season, we find that the Sons of Anarchy are being investigated by a certain federal agency. Which one is it?

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The ATF was founded, in name, on July 1st, 1972. The ATF can trace their history across 200 years of service to the Internal Revenue Service.

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