How well do you think you know Dacre Montgomery?

You know Dacre as Billy Hargrove on Stranger Things but did you know he was also in the Power Rangers movie?

What is Dacre Montgomery's net worth?

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According to various sources, Dacre Montgomery's estimated net worth is between $1,000,000 - $2,000,000.

What other TV shows has Dacre Montgomery been in?

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While he's had huge success on Stranger Things, Dacre hasn't actually been in any other TV shows. Not even any of the Australian soaps which appear to be commonplace with Australian actors. Billy Hargrove is Dacre's first TV role - the bar has been set pretty high!

What color Power Ranger was Dacre?

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Just before we saw him as Billy on Stranger Things, Dacre played the role of Jason Scott in the 2017 remake of 'Power Rangers'. That's the Red Ranger, in case you're wondering... the leader of the Power Rangers. Dacre also told The Hollywood Reporter that he never even watched the Power Rangers as a kid. "It's 100 percent true. I kind of missed it."

Is Dacre Montgomery on Instagram?

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Yep, Dacre is on both Instagram and Twitter. You can find him on Instagram at @dacremontgomery where - if you scroll back far enough - you'll find pictures of him working out ahead of Stranger Things and Power Rangers. His Twitter username is also @dacremontgomery.

Where is Dacre Montgomery from?

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Despite using a VERY convincing American accent in Stranger Things, Dacre is actually from Australia. He was born in Perth, Western Australia. His mother (Judith Barrett-Lennard) is from Canada and his father (Scott Montgomery-Harvey) is from New Zealand.

What other movies has Dacre Montgomery been in?

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Dacre appeared in a few short films before landing the role of Mike in 'A Few Less Men' (2017) with Kris Marshall and Xavier Samuel. He then scored the role of Jason Scott, the red ranger in 2017's 'Power Rangers' and then went on to play Jeremy in the Australian horror film 'Better Watch Out' with Olivia DeJonge from Netflix's 'The Society'. Dacre's most recent role is as Nick in 'The Broken Hearts Gallery'.

How tall is Dacre Montgomery?

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Dacre is 1.78m tall, which roughly translates to around 5ft 8in.

How do you pronounce Dacre Montgomery's name?

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Dacre has had to explain the pronunciation of his name before because Americans say it in a different way to Australian and British people. It's actually pronounced like "DAY-kah" but in the US, people pronounce it "DAY-kerr." It's basically the just the word 'acre' with a D at the beginning.

How old is Dacre Montgomery?

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Dacre is 26 years old. His birthday is on 22nd November and he was born in 1994, which means he'll turn 27 in 2021. And if you're wondering about your compatibility, his star sign is Scorpio.

Is Dacre Montgomery on Snapchat?

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Dacre's Snapchat username is: dacremontgomery. But it doesn't look like he's used the platform in a while, opting to post his updates on Instagram.

What character did he play in Stranger Things 3?

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Dacre plays the role of Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things. He joined in season 2, arriving in Hawkins with his step-sister Max and is reprising his role in Stranger Things 3. He reportedly got the role after performing in a g-string during his audition tape. He sent it off at 11pm Australian time and woke up the next day to a request from the Duffer brothers asking for a Skype call.

Has Dacre Montgomery been in any music videos?

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Dacre appeared in the music video for Australian sibling duo Angus & Julia Stone's song Chateau where he plays the role of 'Handsome Man in a Denim Jacket and Sunglasses who can dance'.

Is Dacre Montgomery related to Zac Efron?

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As much we'd love for it to be revealed that Dacre and Zac Efron are related, they are sadly not. But their likeness to each other has not gone unnoticed by the internet. Some people have even called Dacre, the 'Australian Zac Efron'.

Who is Dacre Montgomery dating?

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Dacre has been dating Australian model Liv Pollock for a while now. She's 21, and also from Perth. The two are said to have started speaking to each other through social media and then began a relationship.

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