Animal Quiz For Kids

An ant says, "Danger ahead!" by doing what?

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Ants warn other ants of danger with chemical signals.

Which of the following is not a type of penguin?

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Emperor, chinstrap, and macaroni penguins are 3 of the 18 different species of penguin.

Walruses can eat about how many clams in one day?

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A single walrus can eat 5,000 clams in a day, which they find on the ocean floor with the help of their whiskers.

How many koalas stacked on top of one another does it take to reach the height of a male giraffe - who just happens to be the world's tallest land animal?

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It would take 7 koalas stacked on top of one another to measure up to a male giraffe, which can grow up to 19 feet tall!

Which one of the following animals is not nocturnal?

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Skunks, leopards, and tigers are most active after the sun goes down. Not sheep, they are fast baa-sleep!

What is a baby rabbit called?

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A baby rabbit is called a kit. Female rabbits are called does, and male rabbits are called bucks.

What is the first thing a caterpillar usually eats after it is born?

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Newborn caterpillars typically get their first meal from their own eggshells.

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